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            Premium ceramic band heaters Description:


            Ceramic band heaters are mainly used for extrusion, casting and down-stroke machines. The operating temperature can reach up to 600 degree C. The maximum surface loading rate is 8 w/ cm2. Its advantages include fast speed of heating, high rate of heat utilization, excellent energy saving(energy consumption is reduced by 30%), high resistance of high insulation rate. It is one of the most suitable: electric heaters for plastic extrusion and injection machines, plastic hollow and blowing machines and chemical fiber molding machines.

            Premium ceramic band heaters Applications:
                1)  Plastic injection moulding machine
                2)  Hollow shaping machine/Blow-molding machine
                3)  Extrusion machine/Co-extrusion line
                4)  Raw material processing equipment
                5)  Pelletizing equipment
                6)  Granular machine
                7)  All types of plastics processing machines


            Premium ceramic band heaters Types:



            Packaging and Shipping

            Packaging: ceramic heater in plywood case outside if needed.
            Shipment: 1.small quantity by DHL,FEDEX  2.Bulk goods by Sea Freight. 3. Arranged to your order




            Our Service



            Premium ceramic band heaters Order Guide


            Please specify the following when ordering.

                1.     The inner diameter (mm) and length (mm) of heaters
                2.     Thickness of heaters
                3.     Terminal length (max & min) and the distance of terminal length
                4.     The diameter, length of cooling tubes and the distance between them.
                5.     Voltage and power density
                6.     Gap of two pieces if applicable
                7.     Wiring type and position
                8.     Whether need air blowers
                9.     Content of the stamping if needed
               10.  Order quantity
               11.  Delivery date


            ** Its better to provide us with the drawings/pictures


            Others: position of terminal box, the position and size of the hole for connecting thermocouple OR of the incision, whether need to cast in the terminal



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