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            Why is DragonPower different?
            DragonPower is a privately-held, family-owned business which has been around for over 30 years.
            • In Asia, DragonPower is the market leader in its industry. Globally, it is expanding its business rapidly.
            • DragonPower has a flat hierarchy which allows quick and transparent communication. It encourages team spirit and healthy competition.
            • DragonPower offers good work environment, accommodation and canteen. Sports facilities such as basketball,table tennis and pool are available.
            • You are hired because you can make an immediate contribution to our success. You are paid according what you contribute. You get promotion depending on whether you keep active learning and continue to develop.  
            DragonPower helps every employee find a career path which best suits his or her development. We welcome more talented people to join us and show yourself on this stage!
            Current opening positions are:
            1.      Mechanical engineer (1 person)
            2.      Front-line worker (2 persons)
            3.      Sales representative in Guangzhou or Foshan (1 person)
            4.      International trade assistant (1 person)
            5.      Financial manager (1 person)
            * Valid untill June 1st, 2011

            Job Title  International Trade Assistant  
            Location  Yancheng or Shanghai
            Wages  Negotiable Release Date  2010/9/21
             2 persons
            Specific requirements
            1.    Over one year of relevant experience
            2.    College and above education, level 4 English and above, majored in English, marketing, international trade or mechanical engineering (not limited in major if has rich experience in international trade)
            3.    Familiar with international trade process, laws and regulations
            4.    Will need to participate in overseas exhibitions, well manage B2B platforms to develop overseas market
            5.    Possess rich customer resources and maintain good customer relationships
            6.    Be able to do market analysis, marketing, has good communication and coordination skills, good at problem solving.
            7.    Aggressive, open-minded, out-going, a good team player

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